We design, test, rent, and service pressure control equipment that enhances conventional and unconventional drilling performance. You can rely on Iron Horse Tools for expertise, equipment, and support that deliver better, safer overbalanced, underbalanced, and managed pressure drilling with unmatched service quality.

Sample Description


Consistent workmanship

“My experience with Iron Horse Tools is always one that you’d desire to see from any service provider. Spreading over multiple oil & gas plays, Iron Horse has routinely provided professionalism, quality, and knowledge mixed with a healthy safety culture that allows them to stand out in their field. With the sensitivity of the work they are providing, there is no room for error when it comes to ensuring equipment is installed correctly and that the maintenance of the equipment is precise. For the multiple years that I’ve been fortunate enough to work around them, their quality of workmanship has always been consistent, day in and day out.”

—Justin Raney, Marathon Oil Consultant, Raney Safety Solutions

Quality second to none

“I have been using Iron Horse Tools for several years. They always supply me with quality equipment, quality people, and quality service that is second to none.”

—Tim Fields, Drilling Consultant, Virginia

Top-of-the-line service

“Iron Horse Tools always provides top-of-the-line service!”

—Matt Murphy, Drilling Consultant, South Texas

Far above the competition

“Iron Horse Tools always provides top-of-the-line service! . . . The equipment provided by Iron Horse Tool is far above any competition I’ve seen in decades, especially in south Texas. They are the people I trust – especially Tom Douglas, without a doubt. They always provide me with good service. If I say I need equipment at midnight on Christmas, I have no doubt it will be here earlier.”

—Jeff Wagner, Drilling Consultant, South Texas

Fast, reliable service

“Iron Horse Tools’ fast, reliable service puts them ahead of other equipment providers in Haynesville. They are at your rig in a matter of hours, not days.”

—Chase Whitehorn, Drilling Consultant, East Texas

A quality investment

“Iron Horse Tools’ separator and equipment are the safest, most efficient setup able to maintain any parameters used while drilling. With supportive management and onsite service, equipment from Iron Horse Tools is a quality investment.”

—Allen Brooks, Drilling Consultant, Gulf Port Energy