Unlike other chokes, the AutoChokeXT™ technology platform leverages software to automate pressure control while drilling by monitoring mud line, casing, and manifold pressure, thus removing interactions between the driller and the choke. The capabilities of this unique design increase efficiency and accuracy to enhance drilling performance. Drillers on more than 100 rigs have used AutoChokeXT units in overbalanced, underbalanced, and managed pressure drilling sections to reduce risk, lower the total cost of operations, and improve efficiency.

AutoChokeXT control panel

AutoChokeXT technology package options

The AutoChokeXT premium plus performance package includes full HMI control of three chokes, a mud gas package, a liquid catch-can alarm, a gas buster, and an early kick detection flow meter mounted downstream of the chokes to record return flow rate. The flow meter enables real-time notification of gains or losses in drilling fluid to help determine if a kick is coming or if lost circulation is occurring. Rigsite technical support and in-house training help ensure the highest level of drilling performance.

The AutoChokeXP premium performance package includes the same equipment capabilities of the XT package without onsite technical support. This package includes 2-hr code red dispatch service calls and wellsite training.

The AutoChokeSP standard drilling performance package includes full HMI control or single- or double-choke operation with 4-hr dispatch service calls.

The AutoChokeEP economy performance package is optimized for single-choke operation with 12-hr dispatch service calls for benign drilling conditions where kicks, losses, and stuck pipe rarely occur.

Features common to all AutoChoke XT systems

  • Full automation with manual override
  • Intuitive color touchscreen operation
  • Maintains any desired pressure with fine control of flow rate
  • Maximum pressure setting clears chokes if pressure builds
  • Redundancy built in, runs up to three chokes per panel
  • Choke operates to 15,000 psi and 20,000 psi static
  • WITS communication to rig floor and company man
  • High-reliability worm gears
  • Minimal rig footprint, multiple mounting positions
  • Gantry system simplifies service and trim changes without breaking flanges
  • Air and electric over hydraulic panels with built-in redundancy
  • Choke operator not required

Mud gas separators, vent lines, drive overs, and flare stacks with igniters can be added to all IHT automated pressure control performance packages.

IHT worm-gear-driven chokes can be hydraulically actuated, and the block-style body adapts to various end connection types. Manual override control is maintained in the event of power loss. Chokes and control systems can be configured to customer specifications, are rated to 20,000 psi, and are manufactured with tungsten carbide components to achieve ultralong service life. Seat, gate, stem-removal tools, and Bonnet spanner wrench capabilities simplify wellsite service and streamline trim changes.

Trim sizes in 2- and 3-in. max orifice pressure-balanced configurations may be configured with ANSI, API, Hammer Union, or other high-pressure connections. Valves meet all quality levels for API-6A PSL3 and NACE corrosion standards.