Unique AirBuster™ shale gas separators improve air drilling safety and efficiency with a variable speed drive that automatically adjusts pump speed to regulate fluid level while drilling with air. Cuttings are pumped out of the wellbore through the separator to the primary shale shakers and drying shakers, where the cuttings are contained in a dry, half-round tank.

Operators who choose AirBuster separators, service, and technical support for air drilling can reduce solidification, trucking, and disposal costs. The AirBuster separator performance package includes:

  • Liquid seals to prevent fluids, mud, or cuttings from exiting the separator
  • Built-in flash fire mitigation design
  • Air and gas vented to the flare stack
  • Liquids and cuttings sent to shakers
  • Compatibility with AutoChokeXT equipment to optimize drilling performance.

By maintaining a constant liquid seal in the separator, air and gas are removed quickly through the vent line and out through the flare stack. This safety feature allows only water and cuttings to be discharged from the separator through the 6-in. flow line to the possum belly of the primary shale shakers, then onto the drying shakers. The liquid seal prevents air and gas from being discharged over the shakers or in the backyard, eliminating any chance of a flash fire.

A significant reduction of solidification material is achieved by discharging cuttings directly onto the shakers/drying shakers. With dry cuttings and a reduction of mix-off materials, the total tonnage of the cuttings hauled off is significantly reduced, as well as the environmental footprint in the landfill.