Pressure Control Devices

Iron Horse provides the most reliable and highest-quality chokes and related pressure control equipment in the industry. The state-of-the-art autochoke software has a level of innovation and efficiency that only Iron Horse equipment can provide.



Iron Horse chokes rank as some of the best in class for design and performance: 

Gate and Seat. Made from double-sided, reversible solid tungsten carbide, which extends the service life and provide substantial cost savings compared to the typical single-sided design.

Trim Sizes.  Available in 2- and 3-inch max orifice pressure balanced configurations.

Operator Systems. Available in Hydraulic Gear, Piston, or Manual Gear.

Bonnet Nose.  Overlaid with extremely strong stellite alloy on the nose, which can be rotated to shift surface wear, significantly extending service life.

Wear Sleeves. Made from heavy wall tungsten carbide, which protects the outlet spools from erosive flow conditions.

Inlet & Outlet Spools. Multi-adaption design allows spools to be configured with ANSI, API, Hammer Union, or other high-pressure connections.

API-6A PSL3. Valves meet all quality levels for API-6A PSL3 manfacturing standards.

Gear Actuated.  Allows for fine incremental flow rate changes.

Large Body Cavity. The large size disburses volatile solid accumulation, allowing for maximum trim life.

Digital Position Indicators. Provides more accurate readings and adjustments than analog indicators.

Manual Override and Quick Disconnects. Provides additional safety measures in cases of emergency.

NACE MR0175/ISO. Meets or exceeds NACE corrosion standards.


Gantry System. Allows the operator to slide and swing the bonnet assembly for quick, field-friendly trim changes

Service Tools. Seat, gate, and stem-removal tools and Bonnet spanner wrench simplify service and streamline trim changes

Auto Chokes

Unlike most chokes in the industry, Iron Horse Auto Chokes monitor the Mud Line, Casing, and Manifold Pressure devices, removing interactions between the driller and the choke. This fully automated system creates a safer and more accurate pressure control process than the typical manual models available in the marketplace.

Choke Panels

Iron Horse choke panels are designed to be reliable, safe, and intuitive to use. We offer air, electric, and remote panels, and our panels fit an array of configurations. If you need it, we’ve got it. We currently manufacture 274 choke configurations—218 (2-inch) models and 56 (3-inch) models—as well as custom models if needed.


  • Air, electric, or remote panel

  • Stainless steel control panel

  • 3 built-in backup systems with digital read-outs

  • Position indicators

  • Backup pump

  • 2 (5-gallon) accumulator bottles

  • Hand pump