Mud-Gas Devices

On the oil field, down time is money. You can depend on Iron Horse's Mud-Gas Devices to soldier on throughout production, leaving your men free to handle other issues out in the field. Our efficient baffle design allows for easy separation of gas and a safe environment for underbalanced drilling, and our six-foot separators can handle the heaviest of workloads. From drilling through to the flair, Iron Horse devices will provide effective and safe Mud-Gas Devices.  

Mud-Gas Separators

  • 7 (6 x 20-foot) mud-gas separators in stock
  • 4 new mud-gas separators scheduled for 2014 


Flair Stacks & Igniters

  • 40 flare stacks with igniters
  • 1 stand-alone stack
  • 4 igniters
  • 24 new flare stacks with igniters scheduled for 2014


Drive-overs, Vents & Panic Lines

  • 17 available drive-overs
  • 8 new drive-overs scheduled for 2014

  • 225 joints of 22-foot vent line, as well as angle pieces and line racks
  • 103 joins of 22-foot panic line